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Thursday 06:35pm
[ mood | tired ]

Got my hair cut!! It's to my collar bone and has a side fringe, and it's kinda cute(keeping it that way will be a differant matter though!).

Grace - got your present - thankies, it's lovely! I'll so use it, nd is tarted that pic u asked me to draw for your wall. Tam i still have to get my pressie:) oh nd i mgith be poping over early tomorrow, like 10 2 collect my stuff nd drop off soem frames that HAVE 2 be done nd delivered before christmas

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Thursday 08:03pm
[ mood | content ]

Well, belatedly went to get sponsership today, its was supposed to like be done over the weekend, but we left it abit late... But not ushc a bad thing as it turns out, went round with tam and got 30 euros out of 6 houses. Omg! my neighbours are so nice! Went round to marions first, had a grand ol' chat with marion mcculadh, i mentioned i was going to aus and she loaned me a billy connolly dvd about him traveling round Oz, how nice is that. And went up to fiona herlihey's, had a quick chat about how lifes going, how maeve her sis is going, all that. Mrs O'Drisscol was a bit grudging about giving the money, its like "i suppose i have to", its for a good cause! i dont actually know quite what they do, but i know its a good cause! And brendan welsh was really nice when we got round to his house, he was like teasing us abit about giving us the money. So, did well out fo the evening, now i have to get off and let tam go on to talk to Tigh!

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Tuesday 11:41am
This is so boring, I'm on my third class in the computer room today, there's only so many emails you can write! And no-one's online! I suppose they're in class, damn school

Tam coming to dublin on sat :)! Ice-skating, woohoo
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Monday 07:36pm
[ mood | apathetic ]

God this is so depressing, tomorrow I actually like have to go to class! All day! Man it so sucks!

On a good note though, we won our hockey match 4 - 1, feels so good to be on the other side of that score, even if it did involve me getting my knee sliced open! Mind you, one of the girls on the other team got a ball straight to her temple! Ouch.

Just trying to organise ice skating this sat, if it all goes down ok it should be cool. And im going to the chinese on fri to say goodbye to farina - who's leaving for germany for good :(

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Wednesday 06:36pm
[ mood | tired ]

Does it make me a bad person to gloat? Oh well, too late!
Last night was fairly cool, we totally rocked newtown(although their supporters gave us a bit of a run for our money - i suppose its ‘cos they're the usual debaters). Oh and me and ciaran got wolf-whistled by the crowd! lol.
The adjudicator said we could be better, but he also said that the newtown captain WHO TALKED FOR 12 MINUTES!!! was potentially one of the best speakers, so i think im going to take limited notice of him. Looks like we might be able to arrange the next debate for when im home(because we're such a "well balanced team" it would be a pity) but i might only be home 2 days before - i'll be totally jetlagged!
They so hated ciara, apparently she was a bitch, well she was but in a really cool way, they were only pissed off ‘cos she said that we have passion in our speech because we're good debaters(that line was my fault I’m afraid) but its true, they just totally took it the wrong way.
Came home afterwards and chatted to soph got some... interesting advice ;) - we'll have to see what we can do!
Anyway, we won! Go us.

Unfortunately hockey match today didnt go quite so well, 4 - 1, thats not even getting trashed, its being massacred! slaughtered! and the thing was they weren't even that much better than us, but they had a pair of forwards that worked very well together - annoyingly. And got totally soaked, to say my hair turned into a bush is an understatement - it was more of a briar

Ok people update! And especially for you all - i even checked my spelling beofre i posted this one! :)

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Monday 07:09pm
[ mood | sore ]

Appearently i have a bacterial sinus infection, SHIT! I have a debate tomorrow, and i cant breathe, i was singing in the practise panto today, and i could only hear in one ear! Somehow i do not see the next few days going so well, and thats providing we dont forget the steps/the lines, sing the wrong verses or generally collaspe because its all getting abit much at this stage.
On the up-side i think ive had a very good effect on mrs lucey. i was saying my speech today, and i was reciting it from memory because i didnt have my cards, and i got to one point and im just like "what comes next?!!!" and right int he middle of talking about female circumcision, i just pause and go "SHIT!!", and mrs lucey, shes really getting a lot better, she just leaves out a little gasp and goes, "ok, keep going", soon ill haev her totally inured to swearing, and then i can begint he process of corrupting her own vocabulary! I'll have my way yet! But it was awful practising my speech, mrs lucey got one of the girls sitting in frotn of me to time me, and i was there giving my speech and she was bopping away her head like she was lsitening to music, and it was so comical, i strated laughing - while i was tlaking about 11 year old being raped! And all the girls sitting around doingt heir project were like, "why si she laughing!" but i jsut couldnt help it.
And ciara agrees with me that i should keep my multicoloured nails, to teach the children early, that they should embrace all people, even crossdressing fairytale prince charmings!
Oh and craft-fair tomorrow, more to deal with!
And a special early announcement - Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chelsea, happy birthday to you!

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Saturday 10:10pm
[ mood | content ]

My aunts down for the weekend, so we went out for a meal tonight it was lovely, and i wore my new white top, and my nails were all colourdy! half of them are shiny turquise and half of them are starry navy, and i wore my contacts! it's so cool not to have to wear glasses, even if it took me like ages to lEarn to do it and its such a hassle having to poke myself in the eye, appearently i have very sensitive eyes, or else im just a very bad learner. Dress rehearsal panto tomorrow, saw one of the dances today, its so class!
Also was talking to clare today, my mums going to freak when she gets the bill, 1 and 3/4 hour long distance call to Oz! But only four weeks left! Shes trying to get a New Years party, soemwhere with harbour views so we can see the fireworks, and shes getting tickets for 2the big day out", tis this big aussie concert, but tis got a really great line out, itll have franz ferdinand and the white stripes and about 20 other bands!

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Friday 11:52pm
[ mood | drained ]

Brings some things home to you, i hadn't realised the passing left such a spectacular wake

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Sunday 07:58pm
Work experiance tomorrow! Eek!
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Monday 12:02pm
[ mood | sore ]

How You Are In Love

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You give completely and unconditionally in relationships.

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Mwhahahaha! and soon the world will be mine!
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Monday 05:28pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

I can't believe people actaully make soup out of pumpkins, all those orange stringy bits floating around. The only things pumpkins are good for are to be carved up to resemble grinning idiots, i do believe mine (i did 3!) have managed that standard. And my spiders and candles are getting along quite nicely as well. The only problem is that i keep eating the sweets meant for the kiddies, oh well if they're all gone before they get here, thats always an excuse to buy more ;). Hooray for Halloween!

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Midterm [
Saturday 09:16pm
[ mood | tired ]

"You'll say, we've got nothing in common,
No common ground to start from,
And we're falling apart,
You'll say, the world has come between us,
Our lives have come between us,
Still I know you just don't care.

And I said, "What about 'Breakfast at Tiffany's?'"
She said, "I think I remember the film,
And as I recall, I think, we both kind of liked it."
And I said, "Well that's, the one thing we've got."

I see you, the only one who knew me,
And now your eyes see through me,
I guess I was wrong,
So what now? It's plain to see we're over,
And I hate when things are over,
When so much is left undone."

I love midterm, stayed in bed until 1 today, then got up and played my guitar :), bliss

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Sunday 08:42pm
[ mood | tired ]

Well, eventful week!

Ok, Tuesday, Debate! Omg, the kilmac team were so nervous! the captain was stuttering through his first speech, he regained some of his backbone by the end though "they send over one goat, what good's that going to do, one goat doesnt live forever you know, and who ever heard of one goat reproducing on it's own" god, havent you ever heard of artifical insemination! Aoife didnt think it was necessary to go into detail during her speech clearly, she massively overestimated their intelligence. In fairness though it was funny at the time, but still, twerp. Anyway, we whiped the floor! :) Perect team to practise on. And guess who else was there! Ciaran! He's on the newtown debating team, we have to debate them next(and now that the girls have found out we're debating a boys team, you can be sure we'll be having more supporters than last time ;). Our motion is that "The first world is responsiable for child labour" we're opposing, shouldn't be too hard, mrs. simosn said they didnt seem to have researched very throughly and relied too heavily on comedy(yea i can see ciaran being party to that), but maybe they'll cop on after loosing to loreto.

Was nearly collasping on Wed, came home after hockey, went to bed and jst slept! Had to get up at 8 for bad, was totally disorientated i would ahve slept right through if dad hadnt woken me, then it turned out ti wasnt on!

We went to Ballyimalu on Fri, i really enjoyed, darina was really nice, and i got some chopsticks for my hair. I was so inspired, i even made some soda bread, from spelt flour on saturday! and even bette,r it was vaugely edible! How bout that! And my mom bought me a new CD, leather and lace "36 powerful classics fromt he men and women of rock".

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Careers is such a waste of time [
Tuesday 09:16am
[ mood | complacent ]

Well i was so wrecked yesterday before lunch i called mom and she agreed to take me home afterwards. So i went down and had lunch with philipa and foireanna, talked abit about germany and things. Saw keane manage to convince aoife to doss off, amazing bit of manipulation there!

So i went home and put on thefire, and watched a few movies, got a bit of enterprise done. I got a postcard from devin on exchange in france, appearently they have "des skangers" over there and they're just hilarious in french, he wants to try insulting them just to see what happens, but considering hes so small, and the only bad word he knows in french is "homosexuále", i wouldn't suggest it. So that put me in a writing mood, so i wrote a letter back to me, she wrote to me a couple of weeks ago(about hickeys and gigantises sexual prowess . . . should i be worried that im married tot his girl?) and i've been meaning to write back, and i only now got the chance. But then i remembered that bloody food hygine test, so i had to go elarnt hat, is till havent learned my irish, whoops!

So I'm writing this in careers class, because i dont have my email as usual. Got an email from danny this morning, and drew a colourdie flower on kellie's bebo

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Sunday 06:25pm
[ mood | content ]

Good mood today. Called Clare this morning to wish her happy birthday, the corset fits her perfectly(although shes being to have her doubts about whether her paretns will let her out of the house), it was great to talk to her again, had a grand long chat for and hour and a half until my dad went beserk. And i found my silver heart necklace after i thought it was gone for good.

Also got my frames home, aren't they lovely :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's me and eadaoin in New York

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My CTYI frame, it's part of the tagline on a movie poster for dirty dancing 2, "break the rules. Find your freedom. Live you life."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And that's eadaoin frame, admitidly kinda the worng way up, but still cute. So if you don't already hvae one, you know you want to buy one . . .

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Thursday 09:46pm
I am so close to just collasping right now, I so need aday off, who knew TY could be such hard work. But on the upside my grandads frame looks prettiful. Enterprises going pretty well really, even if weve only made about 10euro profit each, by the time its finished between expenses and profits i should have a nice little windfall.

Got emails from grainne, long time no see, and clare today. Clares was to thank me for her bday present, even though she hasnt opened it yet(i thought her well), but shell be 16 on sat so shell be calling me then. Shes having a beach party then everyones going back to her place, and if my plans have worked shes managed to wrangle her bf stevie and his band(fatal love i think) into playing, so it should be a nice little party - god i cant wait to go out there, i keep breaking into little smiles everytime i think about it.

Everyone disappeared off really quickly at lunch today, and as i finally had a free lunch, the first this week! i ended up sprawled on the grass behind the prefabs, supposidly learning my irish, it was such a lovely sunny day though, perfect oppertuinity to reflect on . . . various subjects. Incidently ive concluded that the first years are getting weirder every year! we so were not that weird(or that stingy) when we we 13.

Guitar's going very well, i can now play g, e, a, d, (and fairly badly) c and f. I came across a googoo dolls album when i was up getting my new guitar, its got iris on it, and it turns out to be quite nice, its called dizzy up the girl, best played very loudly(which annoys the hell out of my family :)!
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Wednesday 07:27pm
[ mood | sore ]

Your Personality Is

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On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!
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Saturday 11:40am
[ mood | cold ]

Well, yesterday was a good day. Got into school, and saw aoife and ciara coming up from town with coffee, at 9 o'clock in the morning! So, i drank some of ciara double espresso, and some of aoife's mocha with caramel(yum). We got a 3 orders for our enterprise :) and they're going to be just great.

Then we had mass, tam was going nuts, i was swaying and bouncing - could have been the coffeeness. So then we went to jitterbeans, i got, on kathryns advisment, a plain double shot mocha with caramel! And i had to wait for about 10 minutes for the orders, cos i was getting tams and kels as well.

Then went down to the quay with grace and ciara, and we got chinses(and complimentary lollies, i got peaches and cream!). And sat with lisa hughes and some other fifth year. Tried to convince them that sexual orientation was not just a yes/no thing, but more of a kinda percentage thing. Also chatted about being in love for awhile.

Went home and caught the last few minutes of a film, goodbye mr. chips. Then kellie called, and we met up at the park, finally, after hearing so much, met Tigh. Tehn the bunch of us went over into town, chatted with kellie about certain things that needed to be said. We sat around on the really cushy couches in the shopping cetnre for awhile. Eventually kellie walked me home, christine caught up with us along the way.

Table quiz went well, 200 noisy 10 year olds but sure, i got to boss them around! Came home and chatted to fionn and soph about children, and the reunion, and fionn tried to beat it out of soph who told her that they liked him(it didnt work). Eis was on for a few mins, apparently hes been banned from the net week nights.

Quiz went well, people seem to think im a sugarplum fairy with an unusual fasination with modern art(yuech!-god people even van gogh is better than that)and black glaves, "kiss" photos and famale nudes. Only kellie and emma got the bit about my ears(and that question was not in the tickilish sense! for the record). I think nearly everyone else has done it by now. I think i need to go into couples therapy with some of my wives, we obviously aren't having enough "couple's time" judging by their scores. So fionn, kellie and tam are leading the way.

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Sunday 09:21pm
[ mood | peaceful ]

Well, yesterday was great. Went for a walk with my mom into the shopping centre to get a DVD, i ran into ciara connolly, so my mum went of to do whatever, and tehn i ran into alex and tamanna, and then, i ran tino emer white - i havent seen her in ages, and i being my usual eloquent self, the first thing i say to her was "Have you gotten smaller or have i gotten taller!" God, im such an idiot/bitch, oh well, we had a grand old chat about . . . well, something very interesting at the time.

It was great to see her again, she seems smaller but more bubbly? robust? explosive? loud? hmmm, yes well just more something than she did. Then we had a j.c. results/eadaoins 17th birthday celelbration(i was the only one not drinking wine at the table!), we had lasange, double chocolate chip ice-cream and romantica and we watched the interpreter(quite good) and we had a lovely evening.

Ditched mass this morning and went for a walk round abbeyside at 9.30 this morning,. ended up spending the money for the collection on sugar, mmmm. Felt like i was going to collaspe half way through band, my mouth was caving in after that test piece!

Auditions went pretty well, i had to practically drag ciara into mrs. collins room for the singing audition(thankfully, she seems to have forgotten the "shoe" incident :)! And painted the prototype, looks okish.

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Thursday 08:08pm
[ mood | sick ]

oh god . . . can't . . . move! Went joking, idiot! i'd hit myself if i could work up the energy, remind to forsake any form of movement again except for typing from now on. And now i have to go to the debs to see all the girls, it would be lovely if i didnt have to move to do it. And i have an awful cold :(
Well, yes so i haven't updated since i came back from luxemburg. It's really scenic there, but the people are really wierd, we were coming ou tof our apartment one day and this woman standing outside her house just stood there and watched us until we drove off - all the adults stare, all the time! And we only saw like two pubs the entire time we were there(and one of them was an irish pub, wouldn't you know!) and they never seem to come out, in all the villages we drove through, we saw people like once, and its not like they're working or something because god knows it takes them 2 hours to have lunch so theyre not exactly rushing back to their desks. Poor people must have nothing to do, there were traffic jams at one in the morning in our village from people coming from miles around to the wine festival, which was really boring and had a really bad band(of course it could have been more interesting if we spoke the same language as everyone). I ended up in two mass said in luxumburgish, my dad says he prefers the masses there because he doesnt listen at home anyway and at least there he got to look at the really beautiful churches. Some of the waiters there were really nice, one very fine guy in remich, a girl in echternach with an american accent, she had really good english, and two charmers in stadtbreadimus who told us ireland was "the land of good beer . . . and saint patrick". It was a very nice week, gave me too much time too think of course, but it also put one or two things in perspective, and gave me a new author to devour ken follet, well we all have to do something to pass the time.
And now im home, and bored out of my mind, i texted leanne and tam, but no answers and kellie isnt being very chatty. And i think there'll be a row coming soon between me and one of my other friends. But school soon, cant pretend i wont welcome something to do, it might sort somethings out and who knows it might actually be fun.

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